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Sherdan B.
Manlius, NY
Why did you choose Pella?quality and pricing
Steven C.
Syracuse, NY
Why did you choose Pella?Reputation and Warrenty
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Installer very good
Benjamin G.
Oswego, NY
Why did you choose Pella?Known name, price was good and install schedule was right.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Job mis-scheduling and planning for wrong and cheaper lumber than was previously installed were negatives. Ownership of install team was excellent.
Michael R.
Auburn, NY
Why did you choose Pella?large order and installation to complete at one time. reviewed the windows and options and value to make decision. limited options due to order size, and financing options and installation.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?i would like company representation to visit the installation site upon completion of the work. significant money invested from my side, it would be nice to find out if Pella really cares about full product lines and installation and customers.
Jason R.
Manlius, NY
Why did you choose Pella?Previous experience with Pella products. I have never had a significant issue with Pella products or their installation teams
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?No
James G.
Syracuse, NY
Why did you choose Pella?Thought the door looked better than alternatives. The door also had the features we wanted.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?The installation crew did an exceptional job; their workmanship was beyond my expectations.
Vince T.
Cazenovia, NY
Why did you choose Pella?Quality and taking on the full installation.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?The installation team was great. Highly recommend them. The ordering process was not as smooth as I would have hoped. Weeks after the order was in I found out there was more information needed and the order had not actually been submitted yet.
Harold S.
Syracuse, NY
Why did you choose Pella?Mail advertisement. Convenient store location to my address.
Geraldine F.
Syracuse, NY
Why did you choose Pella?I wanted 2 windows replaced - called various firms for estimates and they all said they would only come and give an estimate if I were ordering 3 or more windows. Pella agreed to come for 2 windows. In the end, I bought 5 windows so they were the losers.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?Negative - the workmen left a tarp on the roof that I had to remove. I then phoned and asked them to pick it up (good tarps cost money). I told them I would leave it on the front step to be picked up. No one came. It rained, the tarp was soaked. I then took it into the back yard and left it there until my lawn mower guy came. I gave it to him.
Alex B.
East Syracuse, NY
Why did you choose Pella?Pella really offered what we wanted. It seemed as if other companies did not listen to what we asked for, but instead wanted to push a product that they thought was the best. We wanted a certain finish on the outside of the window, and a certain finish on the inside of the window. We got exactly what we wanted. The sales representative built trust.
Were there any memorable aspects of your experience?We have two odd ball windows that needed to be replaced. The trim around the outside of these two did not match every other window on the house. We brought it to the sales representatives attention and he came to the job site and worked with the install crew to get it corrected. To me this reflected really well on the whole team.
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